Covid-19 in Vietnam

Covid-19 measures and the Vietnam visa

Vietnam was one of the first countries affected by Covid-19. Thanks to swift and far-reaching measures taken by the government, the impact was limited. In March 2022, the country reopened for international travellers. It is no longer required to take a Covid-19 test before departure or show proof of vaccination upon arrival. However, the visa requirement remains in force.

Can I travel to Vietnam?

In March 2022, the borders of Vietnam reopened and since then, international travellers can travel to the country again. When the borders had just reopened, travellers had to take into account some Covid-19 related measures. For example, travellers had to be fully vaccinated or had to take a Covid-19 test before departure. Two months later, on 15 May 2022, the rules were relaxed even more and since then, the vaccination status of the traveller is no longer of any importance. From that date, both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers can travel to Vietnam without having to take a Covid-19 test before departure. However, the Vietnam visa requirements will remain in force.

Covid-19 in Vietnam

The course or Covid-19 in Vietnam

Luckily, the Vietnam government was able to deal with Covid-19 in a decisive manner and quickly take far-reaching measures. Among other things, the number of Covid-19 measures could be reduced by introducing an entry ban on international travellers. In addition, Vietnam started the vaccination program relatively quickly. Once about 92% of the population was fully vaccinated, the government decided it was safe to allow entry to foreign travellers. On 15 March 2022, the country reopened its borders.

Remaining Covid-19 measures

There is no longer a vaccination or testing requirement for travelling to Vietnam. However, anyone who travels to Vietnam has to take out Covid-19 insurance that covers at least USD 10,000. Travellers can choose their own insurance company for this policy. All travellers have to be able to show they are insured for Covid-19 upon arrival.

The visa remains a requirement

British and Irish travellers who go to Vietnam, require a valid visa. Keep in mind that British travellers only have to apply for a visa if they stay in Vietnam longer than 15 days. If travelling for longer periods, the visa can easily be applied for online and is usually granted within 1 week. The online visa is valid for 30 days. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was still possible to apply for a Visa On Arrival upon arrival in Vietnam. This possibility was lifted during the Covid-19 pandemic because international travellers were no longer travelling to Vietnam. Since the country reopened, this visa can no longer be obtained. Travellers therefore have to apply for the visa online.

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