Explanation Vietnam Visa

Explanation: all you need to know about the Vietnam visa

Recently, applying for a Vietnam visa has become a lot easier. Read on this page how applying for a visa works and where you can find the online form, so that you can pass the border control in Vietnam without any problems.

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa, step by step

Virtually all tourists going to Vietnam can make use of the digital visa for Vietnam. This visa can be acquired entirely online; it is not necessary to pay a visit to the embassy. Make sure that you meet the visa requirements. Also keep in mind that this Vietnam visa is only valid for 30 days. Below, you can read step by step how to get this visa.

Step 1: Open the online application form

The Vietnam visa application form can be filled in entirely digitally and online. This means that there is no paperwork involved in submitting your application. You can open the application form by clicking on the button below.

Open online application form

Step 2: Fill in contact information

The first part of the form consists of questions about the contact information of the applicant. If you submit a group application, you fill in your own contact information here. It is therefore not necessary to provide the contact information of each traveller. Using a group application can be done with the same form; at the bottom of the form you can click the button ‘add traveller’ to expand the form with input fields for additional travellers coming along.

Step 3: Fill in travel details

The second part of the form consists of questions about the trip. This concerns:

  • The starting date of the visa
  • The arrival and departure location
  • The travel purpose
  • The address of an overnight stay

Fill in starting date

It is not necessary to fill in when you arrive, but it is necessary to indicate from when the Vietnam visa needs to be valid. It is valid until 30 days after that. You need to arrive in and depart from the country within this validity term of 30 days.

Arrival and departure location

The arrival and departure locations need to already be specified when filling in the Vietnam visa application form. This can be an airport, border crossing or harbor. It is not necessary to leave from the same location as the location of arrival. Both locations do need to be known before the visa can be applied for.

Travel purpose

The Vietnam visa can only be applied for online for holidays, business trips, visits to friends and/or family or for a transit to another country.

Address overnight stay

It is not necessary to already have established all overnight stays at the moment that the Vietnam visa is applied for. However, at least one address needs to be known, preferably the first address you will be staying after arrival.

Fisherman in Vietnam

Step 4: Fill in passport information

The final part of the Vietnam visa application form concerns the information which can be found on the passport of the traveller. The traveller also needs to fill in whether they suffer from mental problems which can pose a danger to the environment, or has a contagious disease. After this information is filled in either another traveller can be added, or you can proceed to the control and payment page.

Stap 5: Make the payment

Contrary to the visa on arrival, the Vietnam e-visa costs are all paid beforehand. The payment of £54,95 per traveller can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Step 6: Upload documents

After making the payment a screen is shown where each traveller can upload a scan of the passport and a passport photo. This is mandatory for each traveller filled in on the form. Don’t have all these documents ready? You can also provide them later, however the application is only processed once all travellers have provided a passport scan and passport photo.

Step 7: Receive Vietnam visa

Within 3 days (usually within 1 day) after completing the payment and uploading the files, a confirmation of approval is sent by e-mail. In it is a link to the status page, where the visa (or all visas of a group application) can be downloaded. Print all of them and make sure that each traveller keeps their Vietnam visa with their passport during the entire trip.